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Should I soak my new broom?

Yes, it is a good idea to soak a new straw broom. A straw broom is said to last longer if it is soaked in warm to hot salted water for at least twenty minutes. Air dry the broom afterwards.

How do we keep our air ways clean?

we can keep our airways clean by the mucus that can trap bacteria and dust and by cilia that sweeps forward and backwards to remove dust outside the body

What is the broom used for in curling?

The sweeping melts the ice a little creating a thin layer of water. The stone will go farther and straighter on the thin layer of water. By varying the location of sweeps, sweepers can influence the speed and direction of… Full Answer

Why is there a broom on top of a docked submarine?

A broom on top of a submarine, typically attached to a periscope or other mast, is an old Navy custom signifying a "clean sweep", or that the submarine has successfully completed all of its assigned tasks during a special operation.