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Is debbie Ryan a nanny in real life?

Debby Ryan (not Debbie) is not a nanny in real life, but does have experience as a nanny and a babysitter. She spent time working as a babysitter as a young girl and is now an actress.

Who is hawk girl?

Hawkgirl is a pretty, young superheroine who is a member of the Justice Legaue. Her real name is Shayera Hol in the 2001 and 2004 shows.

What does Anne Frank mean?

anne frank was a girl in ww2 who died. Her real name is Annelies Marie Frank, and that is german. I'll find out what that means. it also is a young girl who died at age 15

Where is a persons fanny?

fanny is a young girl 17 she has black her curly long and very sweet.everyone loves her her real name is Fanny cruz she's from california.she live in indiana.Fanny is a very pretty mexican girl

Can a older guy date a young girl?

yea it doesnt matter about age it matters about ? It really depends on how young you are referring to. There are no laws regarding ages and dating, but any sexual contact could be a real issue and illegal.