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Is ooh a long or short U sound?

There are two separate versions of the exclamation. "Ooh" as an exclamation is generally the same as the colloquial "Ooo" which now dominates. Both have a single long OO sound (also used for some long U words) as in two… Full Answer

How many words can you make out of earthday?

4-letter words aery, area, arty, ayah, dare, dart, data, date, dear, drat, dray, dyer, eath, eyra, haar, hade, haed, haet, hard, hare, hart, hate, head, hear, heat, herd, hyte, rate, rath, raya, read, rhea, tahr, tare, tear, thae, they, trad… Full Answer

What are some words that end in d?

end dead thread caned panned land freed deed dead seed weed reed yard aahed , abaised , abaissed , abalienated , aband , abandoned , abased , abashed , abastard , abated ,abatised , abattised , abbasid , abbeystead… Full Answer

What Scrabble words contain the letters he?

2-letter words he 3-letter words heh, hem, hen, hep, her, hes, het, hew, hex, hey, she, the 4-letter words ache, ahem, chef, chew, chez, eche, ghee, head, heal, heap, hear, heat, heck, heed, heel, heft, hehs, heil, heir, held, hell… Full Answer
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