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What English words have ii?

Hawaii aalii aaliis alibiing assagaiing assegaiing bacchii chivariing congii coniine coniines denarii euphausiid euphausiids filariid filariids gastrocnemii genii medii nauplii obiism obiisms piing radii reduviid reduviids retiarii safariing sartorii saturniid saturniids senarii septenarii sextarii shanghaiing shiitake shiitakes skiing skiings splenii… Full Answer

What are 6 letter words ending in is?

aaliis, abatis, adonis, aiolis, alibis, animis, assais, azukis, bennis, bialis, bindis, blinis, boccis, brewis, caddis, capris, cassis, caulis, ceilis, cercis, chilis, clevis, coatis, corgis, crasis, crisis, cullis, cuspis, cyesis, dashis, debris, dermis, derris, dhobis, dhotis, dhutis, diesis, ecesis, elemis, emesis… Full Answer

6 letter words ending in s?

There are at least 4,379 six-letter English words. Here are the ones that start with A: aaliis, abacas, abacus, abakas, abamps, abases, abates, abatis, abayas, abbess, abbeys, abbots, abeles, abhors, abides, ablins, abmhos, abodes, abohms, abomas, aborts, aboves, abuses, abysms… Full Answer