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What is an aams financial advisor?

TOPICS THAT MUST BE MASTERED TO GAIN THE AAMS┬« DESIGNATION: The Asset Management Process Investors, Policy & Change Risk, Return & Investment Performance Asset Allocation & Selection Investment Strategies Taxation of Investment Products Investment Opportunities for an Individual's Retirement Investment… Full Answer

What is Army Achievement Medal?

Basically, an 'attaboy' worth promotion points. It's the lowest ranking medal which carries any value in promotion points, they're often given out to a soldier who goes to PCS to another duty station (so long as they're on good terms… Full Answer

What armaments is a UAV equipped with?

There are several different varieties of UAV's - some work in reconnaissence, and carry no weapons, and others carry out bombing runs and are armed to the teeth with missles. Perhaps the most famous example of a conflict-ready UAV is… Full Answer

What is the fastest STVOL jet?

the f-35 STVOL here are f-35 stats Origin:USAType:Multi-purpose tactical fighterMax Speed:1,500 mph/Mach 1.5Max Range:1,500 km/932 milesDimensions:span 10.70 m/35 ft 1 1/4 in length 15.47 m/50 ft 9 in height 5.18 m/17 ftWeight:empty 11,340 kg/25,000 lbs max take-off 22,280 kg/49,120 lbPowerplant:one… Full Answer