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Do Aardwolves live in Boreal forests?

Aardwolves are native to eastern and southern Africa. Boreal forests exist in northern Europe, Asia, and North America, so aardwolves do not live there. Aardwolves are related to hyenas, but they eat termites, not large prey. Full Answer

What do Aardwolves eat?

Aardwolves Mainly Eat Ants And Termites. They Will Also Eat Grasshoppers, Tik - Tok Beetles, Worms, Grubs, Scorpions, Tarantulas, Millipedes And EVEN SCOLOPRENDAS. They Will Very Occasionally Eat Mice, Rats And Weasels. VERY RARE Prey Documented Has Been Known To… Full Answer

What continent to hyena's live in?

Spotted hyenas, brown hyenas, and aardwolves all live only in Africa. Striped hyenas live in Africa and Southwest Asia. In prehistoric times, spotted hyenas lived throughout Eurasia in addition to Africa. Full Answer

What do termites do in nature?

They are vegetarians - they recycle plant matter, returning plant nutrients to the soil ready for new plant growth. They are also an important food for many creatures, not least aardvarks, aardwolves and bat-eared foxes, and man in some countries. Full Answer

Why do hyenas not hunt in packs?

There are four species of hyena. The spotted hyena does hunt in packs. Striped hyenas and brown hyenas are scavengers, so they do not require teamwork to hunt for food. Aardwolves are insectivores, primarily eating termites, so they do not… Full Answer

Is a hyena a herbivore or an omnivore?

There are four species of hyena. Most people think of the spotted hyena, which is a carnivore, meaning it only eats meat. The brown and striped hyenas are mostly carnivorous scavengers, but they do occasionally eat fruit. Aardwolves are insectivores… Full Answer

What is a loafer wolf?

A Loafer wolf is a bigger wolf than Aardwolves,Black wolves,Indian wolves, and sometimes smaller than domestic dogs like,Great danes ,Irish wolfhounds,and sometimes Irish setters if big enough can overpower dalmatians german sheperds. Full Answer

What rhymes with wolves?

Aardwolves: The insectivorous mammal species Proteles cristatus, of South Africa, related to and resembling the hyena and having an erectile crest. werewolves But, if you're not hard-set on a perfect rhyme, you can try words like woods or bulls, or… Full Answer

What is the aArdwolf diet?

Aardwolves diet consits soley of termites. An adult aardwolf can eat around 200,000 termites in one night. The aardwolf is careful not to damage the termite mound or to eat an entire colony, often memorising where termite colonies exist so… Full Answer

List of wild dogs?

Wolves Jackals Coyotes Bush dogs foxes Small eared dog Culpeo Raccoon dog Dingo Dhole African wild dog Even though thought to be dogs, hyenas and aardwolves are closer related to cats then dogs. Full Answer

What Do Scolopendras Eat?

Any Animal Similar In Size To Most Scolopendras. Scolopendras Will Eat Insects, Arachnids, Lizards, Snakes, Worms, Snails, Slugs And Even Mice. They Have Even Been Reported Killing Tarantulas And Other Scolopendras. Scolopendras Can Be Cannibalistic On Occasions. They Have A… Full Answer