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Is abandonware legal?

Copyright law does not recognize the term or concept of "abandonware". You can not download games if you don't have bought it before. Abandonware is legal if you bought the game before you download it. Full Answer

Where can I download PC game executables?

Abandonia and Home of the Underdogs are both of questionable legality, but host "abandonware" copies of games no longer supported by their developers. If you're looking for links where you can engage in software piracy (ie, newer games), you may… Full Answer

Is Diablo abandonware?

Diablo could be considered Abandon-ware since no major updates have been done since 1998. However, there is still a section on Blizzards website that provides simple support. Blizzard also still produces copies, often sold as part of a collection. So… Full Answer

Can patch crack serial numbers?

This is not really a question that could be explained out well due to the context. you can patch a game's exe, use a "cracked" exe or use a serial number. please explain what your question is or what you… Full Answer