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What is an Abelian group?

a group or set of group is said to be abelian if the law of commutation is always held. it means if for a group or set S having elements a,b belongs to S then a*b=b*a then the group is… Full Answer

Pq plus qp?

If you are working with real numbers, or even complex numbers, pq is the same as qp, so the result is the same as 2pq. If you use some multiplication that is NOT commutative (such as, when you multiply matrices)… Full Answer

What has the author A B Katok written?

A. B. Katok has written: 'Lectures on surfaces' -- subject(s): Surfaces 'Rigidity in higher rank Abelian group actions' -- subject(s): Rigidity (Geometry), Abelian groups 'Invariant manifolds, entropy, and billiards' -- subject(s): Entropy, Global analysis (Mathematics), Invariant manifolds, Ergodic theory, Differentiable… Full Answer