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Why do Canadians say 'aboot'?

Local pronunciation of words like the American's "grahg" for garage, "aig" for egg are simply local pronunciations. "Aboot" for about (which is how anay North American standard (Canada and US) speakers say it) is just an example of this. Full Answer

What is the name of the Linux bootloader?

There is no the Linux bootloader. There are dozens of bootloader for Linux across multiple platforms. LILO, GRUB, ELILO, SYSLINUX, ISOLINUX, EXTLINUX, Das U-Boot, yaboot, SILO, Cromwell, EMILE, redboot, quik, Loadlin, Penguin, MILO, aboot, Palo, etc... are all examples of… Full Answer

How do the Snowy Owls get food?

The White Terror of the North, the Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus), is a fearsome predator that is able to take smaller birds while still in flight, snowshoe rabbits on the ground, and even snatch fishes (and frogs) from the surface… Full Answer

What kind of lifestyles do people have in Canada?

We live in igloos, ride polar bears, wear tuques, mittens, and woolen jackets year-round. Just kidding. The same kind of lifestyle people have everywhere else. Just because we're from Canada doesn't make is different. We probably just say "eh" and… Full Answer

Words in Scotland?

I'm going to assume you mean scottish words? Awa - Away Aboot - About Claes - Clothes Howk - Dig Rammy - A noisy fight (or something that's a bit loud and crazy!) Haud yer wheesht - Be quiet! Braw… Full Answer