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Find sentence using the word abrogate?

Abrogation is applicable to both sources of Islamic law: the Qur'ān and the Prophetic Sunna. A Qur'ānic verse may abrogate another Qur'ānic verse, and a Prophetic Sunna may likewise abrogate another Prophetic Sunna. The possibility of abrogation between these two… Full Answer

Sentence for abrogate?

The teacher will abrogate the right to choose our own seats if we continue to talk during class. This word is a verb used with an object. it's definition is to cancel, deny, or/and appeal. Flight number 999 has just… Full Answer

What does abrogate mean?

Abrogate means to abolish an agreement, especially an official contract, document, or treaty. Synonyms are annul, cancel, disavow, dissolve, or revoke. An example would be the non-aggression treaties between Germany and the USSR during the early part of World War… Full Answer