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How many onces does a tampon hold?

Tampon absorbency is measured in grams. Light absorbency: <6g Regular absorbency 6-9g Super absorbency 9-12g Super Plus absorbency 12-15g Ultra absorbency 15-18g These are absorbency ratings for conventional tampons - e.g. organic tampons like Emerita or commercial tampons like Tampax… Full Answer

What is absorbency?

Absorbency just means how much liquid some substance/material or whatever, can hold. By measuring an absorbency, let's say soil-you are actually looking for the porosity of the soil. Basically, a lot of absorbency is pretty much the same thing as… Full Answer

What all does a tampons hold?

Tampons hold menstrual flow - blood, tissue, cervical mucus, and discharge. How much tampons will hold depends on absorbency, in commercial and organic tampons absorbency ratings show absorbency, ranging from between 6-18g of fluid. Other types of tampons vary in… Full Answer

Why does absorbency matter when you use tampons?

Absorbency is important for comfort and for safety. Tampons don't just absorb blood, they will also absorb vaginal moisture needed to keep vaginal tissues moisturized. If the vaginal tissues become dried-out they will split and become ulcerated, this is uncomfortable… Full Answer