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Was Zoroaster a vegetarian?

Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism was "an abstainer from meat" who "forbade all animal sacrifice." Many of our greatest thinkers through out history were vegetarian, e.g. Mahatma Gandhi, Pythagoras, Leo Tolstoy, Benjamin Franklin, George Bernard Shaw...the list goes on and… Full Answer

Are Mormons allowed to drink?

Mormons are allowed to drink anything that is not harmful to the body. Anything that is beneficial to ones well being is acceptable in moderation. You might ask is beer or spirits harmful? In and of themselves no they are… Full Answer

What rhymes with entertainer?

Trainer Strainer Complainer Container abstainer arraigner campaigner caner cantilena chicaner constrainer coplanar cordwainer distrainer distrainor drainer explainer (half) gainer lantana maintainer (no-) brainer obtainer ordainer planar profaner refrainer regainer restrainer retainer scena Sinn Feiner stainer sustainer tramontana Full Answer