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Examples to form abstract nouns from adjectives?

adjective: agile abstract noun: agility adjective: brave abstract noun: bravery adjective: clever abstract noun: cleverness adjective: dependent abstract noun: dependence adjective: eccentric abstract noun: eccentricity adjective: favorite abstract noun: favoritism adjective: gentle abstract noun: gentility adjective: happy abstract noun: happiness… Full Answer

Is abstract an abstract noun?

No, the noun 'abstract' is a concrete noun, a singular common noun; a word for a summary of information or the summary of a book, article, or a speech. An abstract is a written work, a physical thing. The word… Full Answer

Is abstract an abstruct noun?

The noun abstract is a concrete noun as a word for a written outline of a report, speech, or academic paper; a painting done in the abstract style. The noun abstract is an abstract noun as a word for something… Full Answer

Abstract keyword in java?

Abstract keywordused for method declaration declares the methods without implementations. Abstract class in java have abstract methods that is not implemented in abstract class, but implemented in subclasses in java program. If the class in java program is not required… Full Answer