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When did Morocco get taken over?

Unclear question. The present king, Mohamed VI, acceded to the throne in 1999. In 2006, Morocco celebrated 50 years of independence after the French (peaceably) relinquished the protectorate. Full Answer

When Edward Tudor became King?

King Edward VI of England became King upon the death of his father, King Henry VIII, on January 28, 1547, when Edward was only 9 years old. He officially acceded on February 25, 1547 at Westminster Abbey, London. Full Answer

Which are the major port cities in Russia?

The Russian Federation has multiple port cities. Vladivostok is their major hub for the Asia-Pacific. Kalinigrad and St. Petersburg allow for ultimate access to the North Atlantic. Murmansk allows for Atlantic and Arctic Sea access additionally. The Mediterranean and Black… Full Answer

Can you make a sentence using accede?

Yes. Accede means: 1. to assent or agree to a demand, request or treaty Example: I accede to the specifications of the new law. 2. to assume an office or a position Example: Prince Geoge acceded to the kingship. Full Answer