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Who is the crowned prince of UK?

The Heir to the Throne is Prince Charles, therefore he could be called Crown Prince, as he was crowned Prince of Wales in 1969. Whether or not he accedes to the Throne upon the death of the Queen, is debateable… Full Answer

Who is scarier lady Macbeth or Macbeth?

Though this is largely an 'opinion' response, I believe Lady Macbeth to be the "scarier" of the pair - though Macbeth accedes to go through with the witches plan, largly he is pressured into it by his wife. It is… Full Answer

What the queen companion is called?

The husband of a queen is frequently known as a "prince consort". Although constitutions of countries vary, when a queen accedes to the throne, it is rare that her husband will automatically become a king. The terms "prince consort" and… Full Answer