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How to sort data in spreadsheet?

You can sort your data by clicking on "sort and filter" you will see this option at the top bar. This will give you option to sort your selected data acceding or descending order, or you can temporarily filter out… Full Answer

What is the synonym for agreement?

acceding, accession, accommodation, accord, accordance, acknowledging, adjustment, affiliation, affinity, alliance, amity, approving, arbitration, arrangement, assenting, authorizing, bargaining, compatibility, compliance, complying, compromise, concert, concession, concord, concordance, concurring Full Answer

Origin of saying to draw a line in the sand?

The phrase originates from an instance when a Roman official drew a circle in the sand around Antiochus Epiphanes and demanded he not cross it until giving an answer about acceding to Roman demands. Look up Antiochus at Wikipedia for… Full Answer