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How do humans catch fire?

Usually by being drenched in some form of accelerant and lit with a match. Spontaneous human combustion is a a topic that has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In most cases there have been sources of ignition and… Full Answer

How do dragon breathe fire?

The heart creates elemental energy which diffuses into the blood. This energy-rich blood travels to the fundamentum, which is an organ unique to dragons. It takes the elemental energy from the blood and pours it into the upper part of… Full Answer

What do you use to burn feces?

If you are burning the feces to get rid of it, then your best bet would be to install an incinerator toilet. If you are burning it as fuel, then you may need to dry it and perhaps add an… Full Answer

Can you burn water?

If water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, the oxygen can act as an accelerant in a burning reaction. This is demonstrated in the Metacafe video in the Related Links section. Water itself can't be set alight in the usual… Full Answer

How do fires get bigger?

Fires have several aids in getting bigger, the amount of accelerant (flammable fluids) used to start the fire, amount of brush, or things that can be set on fire, and oxygen. Examples are candles, in a candle you have a… Full Answer

Are cedar chip shavings okay for rabbits?

No, cedar chips or shavings are not safe for rabbits because they can cause liver disease. Rabbits should not be kept near cedar or pine products for this reason. Suitable litters/bedding for rabbits includes: Newspaper Yesterday's News brand Carefresh brand… Full Answer