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What is an accelerant?

Accelerants are catalysts which alter a chemical bond, speed up a chemical process, or bring organisms back to homeostasis.

What does forensic scientist have to do?

In order to be a Forensic Scientist there are various Forensic Sciences... Computational forensics concerns the development of algorithms and software to assist forensic examination. Criminalistics is the application of various sciences to answer questions relating to examination and comparison… Full Answer

What are words that begin with the letter a and are eleven letters long?

abandonment, abbreviated, abbreviates, abbreviator, abdications, abdominally, abecedarian, aberrancies, aberrations, abhorrences, abhorrently, abiogeneses, abiogenesis, abiogenists, abiological, abiotically, abjurations, ablutionary, abnegations, abnormality, abolishable, abolishment, abominating, abomination, abominators, aboriginals, abortionist, aboveground, abracadabra, abreactions, abridgement, abridgments, abrogations, abscissions, absenteeism, absolutions, absolutisms, absolutists, absolutized, absolutizes… Full Answer

11 letter word starting with an A?

abandonment abbreviated abbreviates abbreviator abdications abdominally abecedarian aberrancies aberrations abhorrences abhorrently abiogeneses abiogenesis abiogenists abiological abiotically abjurations ablutionary abnegations abnormality abolishable abolishment abominating abomination abominators aboriginals abortionist aboveground abracadabra abreactions abridgement abridgments abrogations abscissions absenteeism absolutions absolutisms absolutists absolutized absolutizes… Full Answer

What are some double c words?

accede accelerate accent acclaim accident accessory access accept acceptance accessible acclimate account accommodate accompany accost accord, according accordion accustomed accuse accurate accumulate boccie eccentric ecclesiastical hiccup inaccessible impeccable inaccurate occupy occupancy occupant occupation occur occurrence piccolo preoccupied raccoon reoccur vaccine… Full Answer

How many words that has ant in it?

3-letter words ant 4-letter words anta, ante, anti, ants, cant, hant, pant, rant, want 5-letter words alant, antae, antas, anted, antes, antic, antis, antra, antre, antsy, banty, brant, canto, cants, canty, chant, giant, grant, hants, janty, leant, manta, meant, panto… Full Answer

What words have ce in them?

LIST OF ALL WORDS INCLUDING CE abduce abduced abducens abducent abducentes abduces abecedarian abecedarians aberrance aberrances abeyance abeyances abhorrence abhorrences abidance abidances abscess abscessed abscesses abscessing absence absences absorbance absorbances absorptance absorptances abstinence abstinences abundance abundances acanthocephalan acanthocephalans acaulescent accede… Full Answer