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Is sand singular or plural?

The noun 'sand' is a mass noun (an uncountable noun), as a word for a substance. The plural form of the noun 'sand' (sands) is a word for 'types of' or 'kinds of' sand; for example, "Various sands can accrete… Full Answer

Can white dwarfs become supernova?

Yes and No. White dwarfs generally form from stars that have too low a mass to become supernovae. However, if the white dwarf has a companion star, it is possible for the white dwarf to accrete additional fuel from the… Full Answer

What is a 7 letter word with the fifth letter is an E?

A random sampling of words that fit those requirements include; Accrete Ailment Ancient Bandeau Comment Confess Contest Descend Dissent Egghead Express Extreme Fatness Forfeit Infield Instead Lantern Machete Mugweed Mystery Nucleus Obscene Torpedo Whereas Whereby Widgeon