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What did Achilles do with Hector?

Achilles and Hector fought with each other when Hector killed Achilles' friend Patroclus, and Achilles won the bet Hector asked. Hector placed a curse on Achilles, and Achilles stabbed his feet, then dragged him around town to show he won… Full Answer

How does Achilles slay hector?

Hector was chased around Troy three times until Athena tricked him to stop and fight Achilles. Hector charged and missed, and Achilles slayed him. Hector had taken Achilles' armor and that was why Achilles chased him Full Answer

Who was related to Achilles?

Achilles was a mythological character who fought in the battle of Troy. He was the sun of King Peleus and the river nymph Thetis. There are a few people that are related to Achilles. Zeus Bears was related to Achilles. Full Answer