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What acids are found in wine?

along with malic acid there is also a weak solution of citric acid The highest portion of acids in white wines are tartaric and malic acids. In red wines it is tartaric and lactic. All contain a small amount of… Full Answer

What is the Basque 'ardo' in English?

"Wine" is an English equivalent of "ardo." Fermentation occurs naturally in grapes, without the need for such nutrients as sugars, enzymes or acids. Specifically with wine grapes, wine production requires fermented crushed wine grapes and yeast. Yeast changes the sugars… Full Answer

Why are aged wines expensive?

Wine is expensive when it's aged because it tastes different, or in most wine critics' opinions it has a more pleasing taste than if it was just made not long ago. The wine's sugars, acids and phenolic compounds (such as… Full Answer

How can acids be used to tenderize meats?

You can rub meats with acidic fruit such as Kiwifruit or lemon immediately prior to cooking, or you can marinade the meat in a covered and refrigerated bowl or plastic bag with similar fruits and/or, wine, vinegar, herbs and spices. Full Answer