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Has acme markets been sold?

Acme Markets will be liquidated similar to the formula Genuardi's closed down some stores and sold others to different retailers. Only 30% of Acmes are profitable according to Inquirer sources. The Acme banner is worthless according to national retail analysts. Full Answer

What are 5 letter words with M in the middle?

abmho, acmes, acmic, adman, admen, admit, admix, agmas, aimed, aimer, almah, almas, almeh, almes, almud, almug, ammos, armed, armer, armet, armor, atman, atmas, axman, axmen, bemas, bemix, bimah, bimas, bimbo, bombe, bombs, bumfs, bumph, bumps, bumpy, camas, camel, cameo, cames… Full Answer

What Scrabble words start with ac?

3-letter words ace, act 4-letter words aced, aces, ache, achy, acid, acme, acne, acre, acta, acts, acyl 5-letter words acari, acerb, aceta, ached, aches, achoo, acids, acidy, acing, acini, ackee, acmes, acmic, acned, acnes, acock, acold, acorn, acred, acres, acrid… Full Answer