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What is dispression?

There is no such thing as dispersion in physics. There is a such thing as depression and dispersion of light by prisms. Dispersion is the separation of visible light into its different colors. Full Answer

What is despersion?

Dispersion is an abstract quality of a sample of data. Dispersion is how far apart or scattered the data values appear to be. Common measures of dispersion are the data range and standard deviation. Full Answer

Do circa survive have a acoustic song?

Yes, Circa Survive actually has many acoustic songs. These songs are: [Blue Sky Noise album] Get Out (Acoustic), I Felt Free (Acoustic) Dyed in the Wool (Acoustic), Every Way (Acoustic), and from [Juturna album] Meet Me in Montauk. Full Answer

What is a sentence for acoustic?

Acoustic can mean not amplified, as in an acoustic guitar. The MTV show "Unplugged" features bands playing acoustic guitars instead of electric ones. Acoustic can mean the properties of the environment which reflect sound. The acoustic tile in the room… Full Answer