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Second largest lake in Maine?

* Moosehead Lake is the largest at 74,890 acres. * Sebago Lake is 28,771 acres. * Chesuncook Lake is 23,070 acres. * Flagstaff Lake is 20,300 acres. * The Pemadumcook chain of lakes is 18,300 acres. * Spednick Lake is… Full Answer

Which boarding school has the largest campus in the US?

Proctor Academy--3000 acres Midland School--2860 acres Saint John's Preparatory--2700 acres St. Andrew's School--2200 acres St. Paul's School--2000 acres Oliverian School--1800 acres Culver Academies--1800 acres Hampshire Country School--1700 acres Miller School--1600 acres Hebron Academy--1500 acres Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School--1400 acres Kimball Union… Full Answer