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Closest planet to Ceres is?

The closest planetary orbit to Jupiter is that of Mars. The actual closest planet to Ceres depends on where the planets are in their orbits. At different times it may be Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, or Jupiter. Full Answer

What is the new planet?

The new planet, or Sedera is perhaps the fastest actual growing planet in the galaxy. So far there has been no other information about it.Presently there's no new planets to be found.there is no new planet there is only 8… Full Answer

Is Earth female?

The planet Earth (and its moon) have always been considered to be female. "Mother Earth" refers to the creative aspects of the planet, comparing it to a woman who can give birth. The actual name of our planet is Terra… Full Answer

Is kryptonite named after anything?

There IS an actual element in the Periodic Table called Krypton, but the rocks called Kryptonite are named after Superman's home planet, also called Krypton. They are the only remnants left over after that planet exploded. Full Answer

Where's planet x?

Planet x is the name used to name undiscovered planets that might exist. The belief that an actual "Planet X" is out there and on a collision course with Earth is a different story. If you ask these people they'll… Full Answer