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How is ad hoc related to accounting?

"Ad hoc" refers to anything temporary or made for a specific purpose. So an ad hoc system may be used for an unencountered problem, or an ad hoc committee to settle certain issues (took me three minutes to write this). Full Answer

What is an ad hoc professor?

An ad hoc professor is one that is hired on an as-needed or as-required basis. Generally, ad hoc professors do not receive the same benefits as regular professors, so this saves the university or college money. Full Answer

How do you say in English 'ad hoc'?

Ad hoc is not generally translated into English, it's left untranslated (pronounced "add hock"). If you're looking for a translation, it's literally "to this", and is used to mean "formed for a specific purpose only" ("an ad hoc committee") or… Full Answer