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How do you get a smooth-like skin look to your face if you have lighter spots without makeup?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nFirst of all, it might be smart to go over with a lighter liquid base. Then, cover up with your normal color powder. Sometimes, adding blush draws a ( Full Answer )
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How can you look beautiful without makeup or surgery?

You can look beautiful without makeup or surgery by focusing on feeling good about yourself. Take care of your body, even if you think you look ugly you deserve to take care o ( Full Answer )
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What does Miley Cyrus look like without makeup?

Usually,people tell that she looks horrible without makeup..she has a dull face.That may eXpLaIn why she always put's tooo much of makeup...!!!
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Can you find ways to look good without wearing makeup?

you don't have to wear makeup or or jewerly or beautiful clothing to look good just be yourself and it dosent matter what other people think of you it shows people that they j ( Full Answer )
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What does Marilyn Manson look like without makeup?

Marilyn Manson can be seen without make up in the videos for "Lunchbox", "Get Your Gunn", and "At some points in the "Tourniquet" video(While singing much of the first verse f ( Full Answer )
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How can you look pretty without makeup?

well that's simple x you need a nice clean face with a nice shape of the head and you can have beutiful eyes with a nice shaped lips. DONT EVER TRY BOTOX! it ruins your face!! ( Full Answer )
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What does Bill Kaulitz look like without makeup?

He looks more like a girl without his make-up than with his make-up. I disagree. He looks more manly without. See related link below. I love Bill but he looks like gro ( Full Answer )
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How do you look pretty without makeup?

You dont need make up to be pretty, you just need to have a good hygine and take showers reguarly( best in the moring to get sweat or dirt off you got during the night. Also y ( Full Answer )
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How do you look pretty in school without makeup?

Everyone thinks im "really" pretty. (im not self centered.) this is what i do: I wear shirts and pants that flatter me. if ur skinny, you can wear tight. If ur meduim, u can ( Full Answer )
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How does Selena gomez look without makeup?

You don't even need to ask this question. Selena Gomez is the cutest girl in the world. She does look pretty with or without makeup. Selena Gomez Rocks!!! I dunno dude ( Full Answer )
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How she looks without makeup?

it depends on what you look like for how you will look without make up. it could be good or bad.
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How do you look good without makeup?

you always look good without makeup makeup is just fake beuty it just covers your skin up and sometimes it just looks bad
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How do you make eyes look bigger without makeup?

There are cosmetic lenses such as circle lenses that are larger in diameter to our irises. This makes eyes appear larger when wearing these lenses. Other than makeup, I don't ( Full Answer )
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How old to do have to be to get in to the cinema to watch a PG film without a adult?

There are no age restrictions for PG and PG-13 movies. So a child of any age can watch a PG or PG-13 movie without an adult. The only age restrictions are for R movies (no o ( Full Answer )
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How do you look pretty without makeup and a school uniform on?

Accessories are awesome! Maybe put a nice flower in your hair or some cool earrings. You can also have some cute bracelets with a matching necklace. If your uniform doesn't fi ( Full Answer )
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How do you make brown eyes look hazel without makeup?

If you want your brown eyes to look hazel without makeup and if that includes contacts then I don't think there is a way to make them look hazel unless your eyes are a light e ( Full Answer )
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How do you look like your wearing makeup without wearing any?

There are many ways to make yourself look like you are wearing makeup when your really not ! If you are looking for a thicker eyelash look you can get your finger or a makeup ( Full Answer )
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How do you wear makeup without looking ridiculous?

First, there is no obligation for you to wear makeup. While many cultures have some ideal that women are expected to live up to (long eye-lashes, for example), the truth is th ( Full Answer )