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How many Grammys has Radiohead won?

Radiohead has won atleast 6 Grammy awards. 1998 - Best alternative album 2001 - best alternative album 2002 - packaging amnesiac special edition 2004 - production, sweet nigel 2009 - alternative album 2009 - packaging in rainbows special edition they… Full Answer

Are the lostprophets now emo?

It depends what you class as 'emo', really. Their genre is 'Alternative Rock', or for their first album 'Nu-Metal'. You can check out if their genre has changed when their new album comes out! Hope this helps. Full Answer

What was the first album by the band Guster?

The alternative rock band Guster formed in 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts put out there first full-length album Parachute in 1995. There were 4,000 copies of the album sold under the band name Gus before they had to change it. Full Answer