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Is there not an adverb?

The word not is an adverb. The word there can be an adverb. The combination "not there" is a compound adverb. The homophone phrase "they're not" includes a pronoun, a verb, and an adverb, because the adverb not has to… Full Answer

Is under an adverb?

Yes, the word under is an adverb. Some example sentences are: He is hiding under his bed again. I put my shoes right there under the desk. Full Answer

Is this an adverb?

The word "this" can be a pronoun, an adjective, or an adverb. As an adverb, it would modify an adjective or adverb: this late, this far, this long. Full Answer

What are the 10 kinds of adverbs?

Adverb of manner (answers the question how?) Adverb of place (answers the question where?) Adverb of time (answers the question when?) Adverb of frequency (answers the question how often?) Adverb of degree (intensifiers) [Don't know if this is right] Adverb… Full Answer