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What is ploughing the soil?

Ploughing the soil means softening the soil to make it easy for seeds to sprout and to plants grow. It aerates the soil and brings the nutrients to the top for the plants to use. Full Answer

Why should you ''turn'' compost?

Turning compost aerates it and mixes up well rotted bacteria rich components with that vegetable material that has not yet rotted completely. This way the batch of compost will mature to be a dark, friable sweet smelling product. Full Answer

What is sifted cake flour?

Sifted cake flour is Cake flour that is put through a sifter. A sifter is a utensil that looks like a strainer usually with a crank on the side to assist in pushing the flour through the grate. The idea… Full Answer

Do worms affect the growth of vegetables?

Worms are a gift of nature. They feed exclusively on decaying organic matter. Their castings (poop) convert this organic matter to more readily available plant nutrients. At the same time, their burrowing loosens and aerates the soil while also distributing… Full Answer

How many words are in the word aftershave?

The letters can be used to spell the 8 letter word feathers and the 7 letter words aerates, fathers, feaster, feather, harvest, heaters, heavers and reheats. They also spell the 6 letter words averse, averts, earths, eaters, ethers, everts, faster… Full Answer