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Can peanut butter mold?

As far as I've ever been told through Internet research, etc, the toxic mold aflatoxin can grown in corn and peanuts. So while peanut butter may not seem obviously moldy to the eyes, it can contain this aflatoxin, the same… Full Answer

How can you prevent aflatoxin?

Aflatoxins are chemical compounds created by various fungi (molds). They can cause severe illness and death when ingested, usually in contaminated peanuts or grains. The fungi are naturally occurring, and the growth of them depends on weather conditions. Growth of… Full Answer

Which is the most poisonous material?

I would guess that the isotope Polonium-210 would qualify. Lethal dose for a person is about one ten-millionth of a gram. It's thousands of times more toxic than either hydrogen cyanide or Aflatoxin-b, for example, because of its radioactivity. Full Answer

Can humans eat deer corn?

Sure, its just field corn. Get the unflavored kind. Wash it and sort it like beans before cooking and cook up a mess. Make sure its whole kernal corn and the bag states it has less than 20ppb Aflatoxin. Thats… Full Answer