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Why are some people very competitive?

It's agene thing. When the first humans were created, they needed to the strongest/best hunter to get the best women's. So they were really competitive. Today you don't really need that anymore. But everybody has it in his DNA some… Full Answer

What is bt crop?

BT stands for a bacterium "Bacillus Thuringiensis" and BT crops are genetically engineered crops.A genetically engineered plant is generated in a laboratory by altering its genetic makeup. This is usually done by adding one or more genes to a plant's… Full Answer

What are Scrabble words with seanceg?

2-letter words ae, ag, an, as, en, es, na, ne 3-letter words ace, age, ane, can, cee, eng, ens, gae, gan, gas, gee, nae, nag, nee, sac, sae, sag, sea, sec, see, seg, sen 4-letter words aces, acne, agee, ages… Full Answer

What words made by these letters tangereem?

agreement emergent generate meterage teenager etagere garment gatemen germane grantee greaten margent negater reagent teenage argent emerge engram enrage entera entree ergate eterne gamete garnet genera gerent german germen magnet manege manger marten meager meagre meaner meeter menage mentee mergee… Full Answer

What are five letter words that end in e?

abase, abate, abele, abide, abode, above, abuse, ackee, acute, adage, addle, adobe, adore, adoze, aerie, afire, afore, agape, agate, agave, agaze, agene, aggie, agile, aglee, agone, agree, aisle, akene, alane, alate, algae, alike, aline, alive, alkie, alone, amaze, amble, amice… Full Answer