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What is spenta manyo?

In ancient Persian mythology, Spenta Mainyu ("holy spirit") is the god of life and the personification of the good and the light. He is the twin brother of (Ahriman), the god of darkness, with whom he fights an eternal… Full Answer

What is zoroaster beliefs?

zoroaste (in Persian zartosht) is the religion that is the oldest religion how belives the god (with the name ahuramazda) and it always makes you to be good and not to be harm full for people and if you make… Full Answer

Is there an opposite of Buddha?

Many religions use a binary system of good vs. evil (Christianity has god and the devil, Zoroastrianism has Ahriman and Ahuramazda, the Jedi have the Sith) to contrast the goodness of their point of view to the wrongness of the… Full Answer

What is the origin of Lucifer?

Many Christians regard Lucifer as another name for Satan, considered to be the devil, an adversary of God. The origin of the word 'Lucifer' is in Isaiah 14:4-22, where it was used in an ironic sense, with the meaning of… Full Answer