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What is an eight letter word ending in f?

aardwolf airproof aperitif blastoff breakoff brushoff capsheaf dandruff disproof dropleaf dummkopf dyestuff gasproof handcuff kerchief knockoff meatloaf mischief mooncalf oilproof riffraff roundoff sawedoff seacliff standoff startoff subproof sunproof themself tipstaff tradeoff unbelief well-off werewolf woodruff writeoff yourself. Full Answer

Is a spacesuit waterproof?

Spacesuits are technically waterproof. Of course they are entirely airproof, otherwise the wearer would suffer total pressure loss in space, and air molecules are larger than water molecules so they are waterproof. However the effect of submerging a space suit… Full Answer

What are 8 letter words ending in f?

aardwolf, airproof, aperitif, blastoff, bodysurf, brushoff, calctuff, checkoff, dandriff, dandruff, digestif, disproof, dummkopf, dyestuff, forehoof, handcuff, kerchief, knockoff, langlauf, longleaf, meatloaf, mischief, mooncalf, moonroof, oilproof, outbluff, overleaf, overruff, riffraff, sanserif, semideaf, shinleaf, standoff, subchief, subdwarf, sunproof, tipstaff, tradeoff, unbelief, werewolf… Full Answer