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Is Galilee a Jewish town?

No, it's an entire region, from Acre (Akko) in the west to the Hatzor area in the east, and from Mount Tavor on its southern edge to the Lebanese border area in the north. Full Answer

What cities are in Israel?

Israel has hundreds of cities. Here is a short list:JerusalemTel AvivHaifaNetanyaNahariyaTiberiasCarmielAfulaAkkoNazarethEilatAshdodRa'ananaRishon LetsionBe'er ShevaBnei BrakPardesiyaHerzliyaHerzliya PituakhRamat Gan Full Answer

What are the most important places in Israel?

The most cherished holy sites of Jews, Christians, Moslems and Baha'i are:The Western Wall (Jerusalem)Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)Al Aqsa Mosque (Jerusalem)Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem)Mount of Olives (Jerusalem)Baha'i Gardens (Akko, outside the Old City)Baha'i Shrine and Gardens (Haifa)Mount… Full Answer