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How did Alabama get its name?

Alabama means "tribal town" in the Creek Indian language and "plantcutters" in Choctaw. The French recorded the Alabama River assomething like "where the Alabamians live". So ( Full Answer )
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Where is Alabama?

Alabama is a state located in the southern region of the United States of America. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexic ( Full Answer )
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Why is Alabama called Alabama?

The word Alabama is believed to have originated from th e Choctaw language, and was later adopted by the Alabama tribe as their name. The tribe was a Muskogean speaking trib ( Full Answer )
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What is Alabama?

Alabama is: - a US state - a river - a university - a group (tribe) of native Americans - a town in NY State - a military district in Louisiana - a confederate ( Full Answer )
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Does Alabama have a desert?

No Alabama does not have any its one of the most attractive placefor tourist lot of fun and adventure
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What is the Alabama?

The Alabama is a battleship that is docked in Mobile Bay, Alabama. It was commissioned and served in World War II, with battles off the coast of England and Norway. It's most ( Full Answer )
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What is the area of Alabama?

Alabama has total area of 52,420 square miles. That includes landarea of 50,645 square miles and water area of 1775 square miles.
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Why was Alabama named Alabama?

The state of Alabama was named after the Alabama river. . The Alabama River was named by early European explorers after the Indian tribe that lived in the territory and fir ( Full Answer )
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What is a What are fact of Alabama?

Auburn and University of Alabama aremajor universities in Alabama. Montgomery is the capital city inAlabama. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. Northernflicker is the ( Full Answer )
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Who is the governor of Alabama?

The current governor of Alabama is Robert J. Bentley (R) . Bentley assumed office as the 53rd Governor of Alabama on January 17, 2011. His term runs to the first Monday after ( Full Answer )
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Where is Alabama at?

Alabama is a state in the United States of America. It is a southern state that borders Georgia, Mississippi, Tennesse, and Florida. It also borders the Gulf of Mexico.
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What is the climate in Alabama?

lower coastal plain, largely subtropical and strongly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico; the northern plateau the weather in alabma is 112f and the loest is -27 Hot most of t ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in Alabama?

There are various kinds of attractions in Alabama lot ofhistoric places, Adventure places and venues to enjoy nightlife.There are lots of places for for family fun activities. ( Full Answer )
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What about in Alabama?

There are lots of things in Alabama. Humans, animals, drinks, food, land, homes, cars, businesses, bars, etc.
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What is there to do in Alabama?

There are lots of things to do in Alabama like various adventureactivities near the river region like kayak rental, rafting andmuch more. Then you can play various kinds of sp ( Full Answer )
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Why is Montgomery Alabama the capital of Alabama?

Montgomery is one of the most attractive city of Alabama .Have allthe historical monuments and many other other things to do.Most ofthe events are hosted in Montgomery
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What is the city of Alabama?

Alabama is a state, not a city, although there is a town called Alabama, in New York state.
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Do Alabama have casinos?

Gambling is illegle in this state. However, one band of native americans have a small casino near Greenville.
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Where are crocodiles in Alabama?

There are no crocodiles in Alabama or anywhere else in the UnitedStates. There is a species of American crocodile, but they are inCentral and South America. There are alligat ( Full Answer )
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Is mobile Alabama by mesa Alabama?

There is no city in Alabama named Mesa. there are also no communities in Mobile,Alabama named Mesa, so the no, its not near Mesa
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What is interesting in Alabama?

i would say really,....nothing if you were looking for a place to go oun a vacaction i would say New York at the climing tree hotel not that my dad works there or anything
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When was the uss Alabama sailed to Alabama?

The USS ALABAMA was not sailed to Alabama, but it was towed by two ocean-going tugboats from Bremerton, Washington to Mobile, Alabama from July 7, 1964 arriving in Mobile on S ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to Alabama?

The quickest route is approimently 20 and a half miles or around 27 minutes. ;)
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Why did they call the state Alabama Alabama?

Alabama was named after the Alabama River. The Alabama River was named after a tribe of Native Americans called the Alibamu.
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What celebrities are from Alabama?

Debby Ryan , Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Kate Jackson, Harper Lee, Emmylou Harris. Bobby Goldboro, Jim Nabors, Carl Lewis, Heather Whitestone, Charles Barkley, Jimmy Buffett, Cor ( Full Answer )
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Is California in Alabama?

California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States and Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States.
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Who is the govnor of Alabama?

lil jimmy big jimmy santa clause mr. t donald trump eminem lil wayne & spongebob
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How are the beaches in Alabama?

Alabama beaches is very beautiful and romantic. It's a so clean andfresh. There are so many attractive thing are also available. Thisplace is best for enjoy your holiday.
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Is Pennsylvania in Alabama?

In addition to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (a US State), there is indeed a town called Pennsylvania in Alabama. It sits between the towns of Satsuma and Creola on I-65, ( Full Answer )
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Is Alabama in Pennsylvania?

Now don't bug me! I'm a unicorn. If you want info, you have to go through me first! And you do not know where I live!
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What are the climates in Alabama?

Only one, Humid Subtropical. Temperatures usually are around 64 degrees, but farther south, average temperatures are warmer. In Huntsville, The average temperature for the ye ( Full Answer )
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What is southeast of Alabama?

Alabama whole Eastern border is the state of Georgia. It's Southern border on the East is the state of Florida.
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How did Alabama get its nickname from?

Alabama gets its name from the Native Americans that lived there. Tribal town is what Alabama means in the Creek Indian Language. The Native Americans that lived there are als ( Full Answer )
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Where is Alabama A?

Good Post..Alabama is Located in the USA.I love to visit atAlabama.Montgomery Alabama is more popular and place in US.Thereare lot of natural places which are main attraction ( Full Answer )