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How did Alaska get its nickname?

The Last Frontier. Alaska has no official nicknamealthough, when it joined the union in 1959 a number of suggestionswere made. Alaska is more commonly (but unofficially) kno ( Full Answer )
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How big is Alaska?

Alaska ranks #1 based on area and #48 based on population. Alaskahas total area of 665,384 square miles including land area of570,641 square miles. The U.S. Census Bureau repo ( Full Answer )
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Where is Alaska?

Next to eastern Russia, it is property of the United States. Or: On the very west end of Canada, but belongs to the United States of America. Alaska is the largest sta ( Full Answer )
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When was Alaska founded?

Alaska was discovered in 1728 by Vitus Bering. He established a settlement in 1741. It was purchased from Russia in 1868 and was made a US Territory in 1912. It became a US St ( Full Answer )
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What were the Russians after in Alaska?

The Russians were after Beaver pelts in Alaska...once the population of beavers declined they wanted to get rid of Alaska because they weren't gaining anything by owning it so ( Full Answer )
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Are there mountains in Alaska?

MANY mountains in Alaska. Everywhere I turn, I am always surrounded by mountains. And if you didn't know, Denali National Park in Alaska is the highest peak in North America.
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What regions are in Alaska?

The wet, marine panhandle (Juneau, Ketchikan, Yakutat), The Mat-Su Valley/Chugiak Forest/Ice Fields (Wasilla, Anchorage, Valdez), Kenai Peninsula (Seward, Homer, Portage, Whit ( Full Answer )
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Who was Alaska bought from?

Alaska was bought from the Russians on January 3, 1959. kids shows aren't just stupid and entertaining .
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What is Alaska about?

Alaska became the 49th state January 3, 1959. Its capitol is Juneau (yes that is how you spell it... pronounced JUNO). Its motto is "North to the Future."
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What is special about Alaska?

Its size, volcanoes, mountains, tundra, islands, forests. wildlife and people. Seafood is good there. It is full of open space which many people enjoy. It is a great place f ( Full Answer )
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What is in Alaska?

Alaska is home to many unique opportunities. It is a lifestyle that takes getting used to. There are a variety of reasons why people reside in Alaksa. There is a military base ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in Alaska?

Nearly anything you wish. There is a wide variety of geographical features and climate as well as a huge area in which to do it.
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Why do they call Alaska Alaska?

The Alaska natives had always called it "Alyeska" and Alaska its just a simpler pronunciation.
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How do you get to Alaska?

In a plane its right by the Yukon Yes, you can get there by flying. Major airports are at Anchorage and Fairbanks. You can also get there by taking a cruise ship, or a ferr ( Full Answer )
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Are there nuts in Alaska?

yes, if you mean growing on trees there is the pine cone. other then that we import it to our stores.(:
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What is a festival in Alaska?

January . Kodiak - Russian Orthodox Starring Ceremony . Bethel - Kuskokwim 300 . Seward - Polar Bear Jump Off . Anchorage - Anchorage Folk Festival Februar ( Full Answer )
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What is the salary in Alaska?

Alaska has a relatively low minimum wage, but there are very few minimum wage jobs in Alaska. I would say the average salery of most Alaskans is near $40,000 a year.
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Are there buildings in Alaska?

No, in fact they all sleep in igloos and fish with whale teeth what do you think an album cover
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What is the popularity of Alaska?

Only a small percentage of US Citizens have ever visited Alaska for a Holiday, but it does have a very high repeat rate of return visitors. Alaska grows on you and even if the ( Full Answer )
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Are there fleas in Alaska?

Yes, there are fleas in Alaska. The fleas can be on house pets suchas dogs and cats. Fleas can also be on wild animals such as bears.
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How can you get to Alaska by land?

Since Alaska is attached to North America, on the northwest corner, it can be reached by land from any other location in North America, just by driving on the roads. If, howev ( Full Answer )
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Why did they name Alaska Alaska?

The name of Alaska was already introduced during the time of Russian rule (Аляска). It is derived from the Aluet alaxsxaq. Which means "the mainland" or mo ( Full Answer )
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What can you do at Alaska?

you can sled , you can see lots of mooses , you can see the water and the rocks , you can see the sun pop up through the clouds every morning , you can hike or even get some g ( Full Answer )
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What can you smell in Alaska?

you can smell the fresh air, the spruce trees and the breeze from the ocean on the beaches.(:
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What does Alaska like to do?

they like hunting for animals like the bow head whale and other kinds of animals.
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What was mined in Alaska?

Alaska is probably most famous for being mined for gold in the past. Today there are currently copper, gold, and jade mines in Alaska.
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Is Antarctica in Alaska?

No, Alaska is the northern-most state of the United States;Antarctica is a continent in the southern hemisphere governed bythe Antarctic Treaty.
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Who did you get Alaska from?

The United States of America agreed to buy Alaska from Emperor Alexander II of Russia on March 20, 1867, for about $7.2 million dollars. A little known fact is that the Russia ( Full Answer )
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Are you an Alaska native if you were born in Alaska?

Being born in Alaska does not make you an Alaska Native. That termis used only for people who are indigineous to Alaska such asEskimos (Inuits), Alieuts, Athabaskans, Tlinkets ( Full Answer )
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Where is barrow Alaska located in Alaska?

Barrow is located on the "North Slope" of Alaska. It's in the northern most part of the state on barren tundra land. It is also located by many large oil fields and that is pr ( Full Answer )
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How did Alaska get the name Alaska?

Alaska got its name from the origin of Aleut. It started out being Alyeska meaning "great land". Hope I helped you out!