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What are the subdivision of zoology?

Zoology is the branch of biology which deals with the animal kingdom. It contains many subdivisions including all of those falling under the headings of vertebrate and invertebrate zoology. Other subdivisions include ethology, animal physiology, behavioral ecology, comparative anatomy, and… Full Answer

What is vertebrate zoology?

Within the Animal Kingdom there are many phyla, or categories of animals. One such category is chordata. All chordates have, at some time in their development, a notochord. For some animals this notocord later develops into a spinal column Vertebrates… Full Answer

What training do veterinarians have?

Typical coursework for veterinarians includes vertebrate embryology, genetics, zoology, systemic physiology, and biology. Pre-veterinary courses emphasize science, and courses in business management and career development are considered incredibly useful for veterinarians who want to run their own practice. Full Answer

What traits make sharks and rays in subclass Elasmobranchii successful predators?

The elasmobranchs are distinguished by separate gill openings, or jaw suspension, and sensory (of Lorenzini) in the head region. also the lateral line system. their are probobly other characteristics but this is a good short list Full Answer

Give 10 branches of biological science and meaning?

There are ten branches of biological science. They are as follows: Anatomy and Physiology- the study of form and function, zoology- study of animals, invertebrate zoology- study of invertebrates, vertebrate zoology- study of vertebrates, botany- study of plants, microbiology- the… Full Answer