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What has the author Uwe Kraeft written?

Uwe Kraeft has written: 'Galois number theory' -- subject(s): Galois theory, Mathematics, OUR Brockhaus selection 'Characters in number theory' 'Congruent numbers' -- subject(s): Mathematik, Number theory, OUR Brockhaus selection 'Applied number theory' -- subject(s): Mathematics, Number theory 'Primes in number… Full Answer

What did Alex Grothendieck do?

He is known mainly for his revolutionary advances in algebraic geometry, and also for major contributions to number theory, category theory and homological algebra, and his early achievements in functional analysis. Full Answer

What is the use of algebraic topology?

Algebraic topology uses algebraic structures (like groups) to characterize and distinguish topological manifolds. So it is useful in any case where manifolds may look very different but in fact be identical. This is often other areas of mathematics or in… Full Answer

What are factors and multiples?

A factor is a number or algebraic expression by which another is exactly divisible. A multiple is a number or algebraic expression that can be divided by another number or algebraic expression without a remainder. Factors go into numbers, numbers… Full Answer