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What are the ingredients in a Mr Magic clean eraser?

Aloe (unspecified) Aloe barbadensis extract Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice Aloe barbadensis/vera extract/gel Aloe extract Aloe extract alpha-Isomethyl ionone Althea extract Alumina, activated Alumina, cement bonded Aluminosilicate Aluminosilicates (Zeolites) Aluminum Aluminum chloride Aluminum chloride hexahydrate Aluminum chlorohydrate Aluminum chlorohydrate anhydrous Aluminum… Full Answer

A 10 letter word with k?

10 letter words with the letter 'K' in it: sauerkraut goldbricks wickedness drugmakers beekeepers physicking toothpicks blackishly seakeeping rethinking blackening whiskeries marketeers earthquake karyolyses springlike cockneyish brokenness likelihood corkboards barkentine barracking pyknometer diakinesis checkmated blackboard sickliness matchbooks backslides packagings slingbacks… Full Answer