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Who ifs Allah?

Allah. The almighy Allah. Muslim follow Allah as their god and hsarad muhamad salalaho (p.b.u.h.) believed he was Allah messenger. Full Answer

Is the Kaaba the house of Allah?

Any of the religious houses in Judaism, Christianity, or Islam devoted for God (Allah) worship is called in Arabic "Beitul Allah" or House of Allah, and so is called Kaaba. Is is not meant by house of Allah that Allah… Full Answer

What is the history of Allah?

Allah is an Arabic name of God. Allah creates history of all He created. Allah is eternal. Allah is the first of every thing we know and we don't. Allah is the last of every thing we know and we… Full Answer

Allah in Arabic?

Arabic writing: الله ALLAH: Allah is the of the one and the only god. Allah has ninty-nine beautiful names. Allah is the personal name of the one true God. Nothing else can be called Allah. The term has no plural… Full Answer

Is Allah cool?

Allah is God in Arabic. Allah is not a man. Allah is not material. Allah is creator of all things. but itself does not have any creator. a creator can not need its creature. Allah is creator of place. if… Full Answer

Does Allah exist?

There is no proof that Allah does exist or that Allah does not exist, just as with any question of theologyy. If you choose to believe in Allah, fine. If you choose not to, fine. That is your choice. Full Answer

Why is the god referred to as Allah?

Allah is the Muslim god, like how God is to Christians. I do not agree, Allah is God to all and not only to Muslims. And the reason is that Allah is most certainly God in Arabic and Allah is… Full Answer

What does Allah faziz mean?

ALLAH HAFIZ NOT ALLAH FAZIZ! May be you want to ask that what is meant by ALLAH HAFIZ, which mean that Gods will be with you, or God Be with you! its musloms way of saying GOOD BYE! ALLAH HAFIZ! Full Answer

What makes Islam different to other faiths?

The difference is summerised in the statement: " There is no god worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah". The purpose creation of human is to Worship Allah alone. Key: differences are that: 1. Believing… Full Answer