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Where does Alicia Alonso live now?

Alicia Alonso is a Cuban prima ballerina and a choreographer. He began her company Ballet de Cuba in 1955. Alicia Alonso as of July 2013 still lives in Cuba and she still directs in her company, even though she is… Full Answer

Who is fenando alonso?

Fernando Alonso is the older brother of Alberto Alonso and one of the founders of the National Ballet School of Cuba. Along with his then (now ex) wife Alicia Alonso the three created the Cuban style ballet. Alberto was the… Full Answer

What are the top 10 prima ballerinas?

Margot Fonteyn Alicia Markova Phyllis Spira Pierina Legnani Eva Evdokimova Alicia Alonso Galina Ulanova Mathilda Kschessinskaya Maya Plisetskaya Alessandra Ferri and I know this is eleven but Anna Pavlova was also an amazing dancer. Full Answer