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What does amateur mean in amateur radio?

It means radio operations that are done as a hobby, or in the use of public service. Operators cannot (by law) earn money or material reward in any way, for the use of the radio. When we say Amateur radio/… Full Answer

What is amateur?

The word amateur comes from the Latin "amat" meaning he (or she !) loves. An amateur is a person who does something for the love of it, not because he has to or makes money at it. He is usually… Full Answer

What is amateur radio?

Amateur radio or ham radio as it is also known is two-way radio transmissions which are sent by voice, Morse code, or even by computers. You need a license to transmit on the amateur bands (radio frequencies) which are controlled… Full Answer

How do you start amateur radio?

start off with an internet radio station. use caster beta, download the software it tells you to download, (although keep in mind SAM BROADCASTER is expensive, hard to run, and is outdated) and you got yourself a radio station. forget… Full Answer

How many station of ham radio?

A long time ago, I saw the figure of 460,000 licensed amateur operators worldwide. But trust me, that was really a long time ago. Check out the website of the American Radio Relay League for more up-to-date information. Full Answer