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What airports use America West airlines?

Some of the largest airports in the United States use America West airlines. Airports such as O'Hare in Chicago, LAX in Los Angelas and JFK airport in New York offer America West as an option.

What is the name of US air line?

There are over a 100 airlines in the americaS. The most popular and well known airlines is American Airlines and United Airlines. The most famous low cost airlines are South-West and North-West Airlines

Where does Jet Blue Airlines fly?

Jet Blue Airlines has flights all over the United States. They fly from the East coast to the West coast and most points in between. They also have flights to Anchorage Alaska, South America, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

What flights go west to ohana aikiki?

"Ohana Aikiki West is actually a hotel in Honolulu. There are several carriers that fly into the Honolulu Airport including American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines. The best flight and carrier for your situation will depend on… Full Answer