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Purpose of liver extract in the Ames test?

Ames test is used to test whether a certain substance is mutagenic. Liver extract is optionally added to simulate the effect of metabolism, as some compounds, like benzo[a]pyrene, are not mutagenic themselves but their metabolic products are. Full Answer

What are the limitations of the Ames Test?

This test uses prokaryotes which means it isn't a perfect model for humans even after rat liver enzymes are added. Mutagens this test finds might also not be carcinogenic, meaning further tests are required. In addition not all carcinogens are… Full Answer

Who is the famous inventor in the world?

There are many famous biologists who were also inventors. Bruce Ames was the inventor of the Ames test. Howard Walter Florey was the co-inventor of penicillin. Gregory Goodwin Pincus was the co-inventor of the birth control pill and Jonas Salk… Full Answer