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Is Amyl alcohol soluble in water?

Yes, it is slightly soluble. However, your question is not specific enough. Amyl alcohol occurs as several isomers, i.e. same molecular weight (88.1) and formula (C5H12O) but different bond structure between the atoms. The solubility depends on which isomer you… Full Answer

What are the ingredients in vodka?

Vodka is an ethyl alcohol liquor from the fermentation of either grain or potato. It contains ethyl alcohol up to a volume percent of 95.5, water and traces of flavoring (sometimes) and fusel oils (1-propanol, 2-propanol, butanol (various isomers), amyl… Full Answer

What is the boiling point of pure alcohol?

73 degrees centigrade Actually, it depends on the type of alcohol Isopropanol (typical rubbing alcohol): 82.5 degrees celsius Ethanol (drinking alcohol):78.4 degrees celsius Then there are many, many others. The better known ones are Methanol, Butanol, Amyl alcohol, Ethylene glycol… Full Answer