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What causes anger-?

Anger is a strong emotion. Currently, there are two major beliefs regarding the cause of anger. The first is that anger is an autonomic response to a situation. The second is that anger is the result of what a person… Full Answer

What does anger management include?

Anger management is a process where one can learn to control the underlined emotion of anger. It does NOT take the anger away, but it teaches one to engage in more positive way to diffuse the anger. I took anger… Full Answer

What is the noun form for anger?

The word 'anger' is a noun, a word for an emotion, a word for a thing. A related noun is 'angriness'. The word 'anger' is also a verb: anger, angers, angering, angered. The noun form of the verb to anger… Full Answer

What is the verb for anger?

Anger is a verb and a noun. (V.) She angers me with the way she questions everything. (N.) I couldn't hide my anger.