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What rhymes with annoyed?

Buoyed, android, enjoyed, paranoid, Altoid, steroid. The English pronunciation of the word "foyer" rhymes with annoyer. Also, toyer (one who toys), lawyer, coyer, destroyer, sawyer and many others! Full Answer

Is annoy a noun?

No, the word 'annoy' is a verb (annoy, annoys, annoying, annoyed). The noun forms for the verb 'to annoy' are the gerund (verbal noun) annoying, annoyer, one who annoys, and annoyance. Full Answer

What is a good support Pokemon?

A good support Pokemon would have to be a Pokemon that will help your team. You can try Skarmory for physical walling and spikes/stealth rock support blissey for special walling or you could try an annoyer Pokemon that forces switch… Full Answer

What kind of Pokemon should I get?

This depends on what you'd want. My recommendation is to get a team filled with different kind of types and have them learn different type moves to ensure a super effective on many Pokemon. You can also get a tank… Full Answer