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Is Egyptian and Greek the same?

No, and sort of yes. This is a simplistic treatment. Geographically speaking, Egypt and Greece are separated by the Mediterranean Sea. Culturally, they are different, but share some of the same roots. Historically, they are even more connected: Egypt was… Full Answer

What dynasty did Herod rule over?

Herod's rule marked a new beginning in the history of Judea. From 140 BCE to 37 BCE Judea was under the rule of the Hasmoneon Dyanasty. After the successful attempt of Herod's overthrowing Antigonus, his rule officially led to the… Full Answer

Which saint's feast day is on February 27?

The following saints are memorialized on February 27: Abundius of Rome Alexander of Rome Alnoth Anne Line Antigonus of Rome Asclepius of Syria Augustus Chapdelaine Baldomerus of Saint Just Basilios of Constantinople Besas of Alexandria Comgan Cronion Eunus Emmanuel of… Full Answer

Who was aratus?

Aratus was a Greek poet . He was born ( 271 BC ) in Soli on an island called Cypres. His parents were Athedonorus and Letophila. His spent a good amount of his life in the court of King Antigonus… Full Answer