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What are some Harmonix games?

Harmonix Music Systems has made a number of games. Some of them are: Karaoke Revolution series (Vol. 1-3, Party, etc.) Frequency Amplitude Phase EyeToy: AntiGrav Guitar Hero I, II and Encore: Rock the 80's Rock Band (1-3, Blitz, etc.) Dance… Full Answer

Who invented the hoverboard?

If you're talking about the science fiction hoverboard from "The Jetsons", "Back to the Future 2", "Final Fantasy 8", "Pinocchio 3000", "Eyetoy: Antigrav", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward", "Beam Breakers", "Treasure Planet", "Wreck it Ralph", "Spiderman 3" Then the… Full Answer

When were hoverboards introduced?

The very first hoverboards that was shown was in the 1962 cartoon TV show "The Jetsons". They were used in episodes including "A Date with Jet Screamer" "A visit from Grandpa" "Elroy's Mob" Later on in Season 2 of the… Full Answer

What are some epic commands in roblox?

Some of the most basic ones are: kill/Person299 kills Person299 loopkill/Person299 Repeatedly kills Person299 when he respawns unloopkill/Person299 Undos loopkill/ heal/Person299 Returns Person299 to full health damage/Person299/50 Makes Person299's character take 50 damage health/Person299/999999 Makes Person299's MaxHealth and Health 999999… Full Answer

What is the admin command script on roblox?

It depends on what commands you want. Here is a script with a whole bunch of commands made by Person299. adminlist = {"USERNAME HERE","USERNAME HERE","USERNAME HERE","USERNAME HERE","USERNAME HERE","USERNAME HERE","USERNAME HERE"}--Add in the names of the people you want to be… Full Answer